In late 2016, I was inspired to combine two of my favorite interests into one art project: Tarot, and women's history.

At first, I really meant for Our Tarot to be something I worked on in my free time, for my own enjoyment. I was sad after just going through a breakup, and angry about the political climate here in my home in the United States. Our Tarot was going to be something for me to work on to cope; to let off some steam.

As I started working on the artwork and research for the deck, I warmed up to the idea of sharing it with others. I told a few friends; they loved the idea. I decided maybe I could launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the rest of the work I needed to do on the project to complete it and pay for the costs of producing the real-life decks and books.

In November 2016, I did just that. With the support of over six hundred marvelous backers, after many trips to the library, and many, many hours spent in my art studio--Our Tarot was completed in its first incarnation in early 2018.

Getting to create Our Tarot and share it with my supporters on a small scale has been out-of-this-world amazing. I can't thank those of you enough who joined me so early on this journey! But now I'm ready to get Our Tarot out there on a massive scale.

I've teamed up with the HarperCollins Publishers to bring Our Tarot to the world. The new Our Tarot will be released in Spring 2020. Be sure to join the mailing list to be notified when it's available to pre-order!

Each card in Our Tarot is inspired by the traditional meanings of the mystic Tarot. Not only that, but each card is represented by a woman (or women) who has used her life to change the world. Just like the archetypes in traditional Tarot decks, the women of Our Tarot are complicated, flawed, and multifaceted. Some of the women are heroic, some are not. Some are considered beautiful, while others were never highly regarded for their appearance. Some come from privileged backgrounds, while others were born into adversity. I hope that Our Tarot will not only be used for intuitive guidance, but for inspired education. By connecting with the real-life women showcased in this deck, you'll find yourself drawn to their images and their stories. By learning about their lives, you might learn even more about yourself.

Keep making history,


About Sarah

Sarah Shipman is an artist, history nerd, dog mom, feminist, and counseling graduate student/aspiring therapist. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. For fun, she likes to watch horror movies, listen to historical romance novels on audiobook, plant herbs in her garden, and attempt to organize her art studio. She also loves doing Tarot readings for clients.