where/when/how can i get our tarot?

Our Tarot was first released as an indie deck in 2018. After a limited run, Sarah teamed up with HarperCollins Publishers to give Our Tarot a wider release in early 2020. More about that here.

Until the release in 2020, Our Tarot is not available for retail or wholesale. Please sign up for the mailing list if you haven’t already to be notified when it’s available to pre-order.

what kind of women are represented in the deck?

A lot of different kinds of women are showcased in the deck! Woman from all continents, many ethnic groups, socioeconomic classes, eras, and sexual identities are part of what makes Our Tarot the educational, spiritual, and enjoyable tool that it is.

Just like the archetypes in traditional Tarot decks, the women of Our Tarot are complicated, flawed, and multifaceted. Some of the women are heroic, some are not. Some are considered beautiful, while others were never highly regarded for their appearance. Some come from privileged backgrounds, while others were born into adversity. Some are people you might want to be friends with, and some aren’t.

how was the artwork created?

can i get a reading?


i have a deck/i ordered a deck/i’m interested in the deck and i have a specific question.


will the new deck published in 2020 be different from the 2018 indie version?

Sarah used a variety of media to create each collage for the cards. Traditional collage, painting (watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oil—you name it), drawing, photography, and digital collage sums up most of it!

Yep! Sarah does do private readings for clients, depending on her schedule. Head over to the Readings + Services page to find out more. The proceeds from these readings go toward supporting Sarah’s artistic practice.


Somewhat! The deck being released through HarperCollins will be similar in many ways to the original Our Tarot, while there will also be significant revisions both to the cards and the book. Some of the women represented in the independently-released Our Tarot will not be featured in the new incarnation of Our Tarot.