New Moon in Capricorn - Jan 5, 2019


Every month, for each new moon, I’ll pull one card from Our Tarot as a collective reading. Collective readings like this are general, so some parts of the reading may apply to you, while others don’t. Some cards may resonate with you deeply, while others don’t feel as relatable. Trust your gut; if there’s something in the reading you’re meant to receive, you’ll likely feel it.

You might already know that today (January 5th) marks the new moon, the beginning of the first complete lunar cycle of the year. It’s a great time to mark new beginnings, start a new project, or really commit to that New Years’ Resolution you made five days ago. You’ll be supported by the moon in this endeavor, especially since it’s in the hard-working, pragmatic zodiac sign of Capricorn.

The card that emerged from the deck for the January 5th-February 4th, 2019 lunar cycle is: the Two of Swords, represented by Helen Keller (American, 1880-1968).

The Two of Swords is traditionally represented as a blindfolded person with their arms crossed over their chest--while each of their two hands hold a sword. Doesn’t seem safe to be blindfolded with swords, right? I distinctly remember being told as a child not to run with scissors. Being blindfolded with swords seems like it would be similarly hazardous. I’ve always felt like the blindfolded person holding those get that they’re in a precarious situation, and they’re trying to figure out what to do.

Helen Keller in the Two of Swords doesn’t represent the confusion you see in the traditional card, but rather the solution to that confusion. As a toddler, Helen became so seriously ill that she lost her vision and hearing. As a deafblind child, she struggled to understand the world around her. She couldn’t communicate with her family, often resorting to tantrums out of extreme frustration. When her mentor and close friend, Anne Sullivan, came to teach her how to communicate, Helen made the most important discovery of her life. Anne taught Helen how to talk to others by signing manually into her hand until the young girl knew language.

By learning a new concept, Helen brought her isolation to an end. And Anne was able to adapt and explore different ways of teaching Helen until she found the best method to connect with her. The Two of Swords in Our Tarot is about framing and/or re-framing an issue, a problem, an idea, a situation--put your chosen noun here--and perceiving it in a changed way. Or even an entirely different way. Perhaps you’re isolating yourself somehow, or you’re not tapping into your unique abilities. This month, this moon cycle that begins our new year, might be your time to notice something you weren’t ready to acknowledge before now.

For further reading & resources about activist and advocate Helen Keller: