Readings with Our Tarot are a unique experience. 

When conducting readings for clients with this deck, I feel as though the ladies of Our Tarot are communicating with me through their legacies and accomplishments. these ladies will call you out on your b.s. and they'll give you credit even when you don't think you deserve it.

by synthesizing historical experience with the mystical tradition of tarot, the messages they have for you become all the more clear. 


Use the scheduler below to purchase a reading. I only do a limited amount of readings per week to respect my time and energy, and yours as well.

Additional Services:

Home Cleansing + Energizing
This is a custom service completely personalized to your needs. If you live in the Atlanta area, I would love to come to your home and help you claim your space. This is a great idea if you've just moved into a new place, if you're going through an important transition, or you just feel like the energy in your home is stagnant. We will meet and talk about your intentions, goals, and what's coming up in your home life lately. The Home Cleansing + Energizing service includes:

  • A reading with Our Tarot, featuring an unlimited number of cards
  • A recorded guided meditation that I will lead you through in person in your home. The recording of the audio will be provided to you afterwards so you can listen to the meditation again on your own!
  • I will walk with you through your home, and help you use the energy we have created to cleanse and renew your living space.

Fee amount for this service available upon request. Generally, this process takes 2-3 hours. If you're in the Atlanta area and you're interested in booking a Home Cleansing + Energizing session, contact me at